5 Tips for Choosing a Floor Plan You’ll Love for Years to Come

Paint. Hardware. Tile. Landscaping. These elements of a home can all be changed. What comes to mind when you think of things a homeowner cannot so easily switch up? Location? Square footage? How about the overall layout? As you envision your dream home, don’t fall into the trap of stressing over small stuff you can later upgrade. Instead, focus on choosing a floor plan you’ll always love. Here’s how.

Clan plan
Start by considering those closest to you. That’s right, family members. Whether your relatives are young, old, somewhere in between, or still just a twinkle in your eye, they matter to your ideal future home’s floor plan. A few examples of ways family members effect the decision are:

  • Dependents. How many of your kids—present or future—may need a space?
  • Elders. How old are your folks today? Are they active and healthy, or already dealing with chronic conditions and the aches and pains common to old age?
  • Distant relatives. Some aunts, uncles and cousins don’t mind crashing on an air mattress when they visit. Others, as you likely know, require a separate room or at least a pull out sofa away from the common areas.
  • Four-legged friends. Favorite furry family members—pets—certainly are an important factor. Will Fido or Felix want a place near the action to sit and watch, or a retreat away from family life? Often, pets enjoy having both.

Your values
Next, consider what makes you… well, you. If you’re an outdoorsy person you may want two stories to see more treetops. If your family values structure and routine, a separate homework room for the kids may be best. Culinary enthusiasts often love an open floor plan with sight lines from the kitchen into the living area so they don’t miss a beat as they chop, dice, whisk, or wipe. Or maybe you may value sentimental keepsakes that require a clean attic for safekeeping. Whatever tugs your heart strings, keep it in mind as your dream home’s floor plan takes shape.

Your day-to-day
Now that you’ve considered what makes your lifestyle unique, choose a floor plan that’s most conducive to the daily ins and outs of your new life. For example, musicians (especially novices) may need a separate space to practice so they don’t disturb other people. On the other hand, parents of toddlers want their youngsters within earshot at all times. Your floor plan is what makes these things possible. Envision the daily grind as well as the down times to help you choose the best layout. Remote workers will need an office space, sure, but it may be best to establish that area in a separate room, perhaps even upstairs, away from distractions. Other home-based businesses may accept visitors, and in that case, must have a professional looking space near the front door.

What you offer others
You don’t need to be a professional hostess to appreciate the many ways your new home could accommodate others. Visiting neighbors, foreign exchange students, new friends or old–your floor plan can help them feel right at home. Socialites who love cocktail parties and “game days” may appreciate having bedrooms on the second level, for example. Other hosts might prefer to offer their guests an intimate retreat, which would call for a more meandering floor plan. Allow yourself to imagine what your future guests may need.

Personal tastes
Above all, you want to love the look of your space. Some homeowners desire wide-open areas, and others prefer the cozy quiet of separated spaces. And while it’s true your budding violinist may benefit from an isolated room, practice time isn’t more important than how your home makes you feel the majority of the time. In other words, consider each of these tips as you choose your floor plan, but don’t make the mistake of trying to fulfill all possible scenarios life may bring. If ever you’re not sure, go with whatever option you simply like best.

Curious about what floor plans you can explore at Gillespie Gardens? Check out the full list of Gillespie Gardens options, rendered to scale for your convenience. Then, call us to see an in-person model and talk about options for making your dream a reality.

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